Last Minute Ideas for Easter


Valfonda Prosecco $11.99 (or two for only $20!)
Perfect for aperitif or mixing with drinks or mimosas for brunch.

“Il Corzanello” Organic Rosato (Rosé) $15.99
Dry and elegant, a nice sipper that will pair with most fair at the table or for appetizers.

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc $19.99
A heartier sauvignon blanc but is well-balanced with some nice acidity. Well rounded for most foods on the table.

Château Pégau Maclura Cotes du Rhone $14.99 (on special, normally priced at $16.99)
Perfect for entrees – ranging from ham, game, or roasts – at under $15. This wine is a steal!

Scenic Valley Pinot Noir Willamette Valley $19.99 (6 &Save price is only $16.99)
A Pinot noir that packs a punch for a Willamette. Not too thin or watery but light enough for someone looking to switch it up from a heavier varietal. Will pair with most foods served that day.

McNab Cabernet Sauvignon $16.99
Perfect with red meats, game or lamb not too fruity or dry well balanced. Great value for under $20.


Wheel Horse Bourbon $26.99
Brand new to The BackRoom! For under $30 a bottle, this is an awesome sipper or mixer that you wont be afraid to share with the family for the price pour.

Penelope Four Grain Bourbon $36.99
Nice and full on a pallet, great for during or after dinner. The four grain mash bill really develops this bourbon and adds depth.

Faretti Biscotti Liqueur $34.99
Always a fun sipper, this is literally a Biscotti cookie in a bottle and different in a good way. A nice switch up from an Amaretto. Slightly dry but it still gives you the slight upfront sweetness that you would expect.

Caffo Amaretto Liqueur $16.99
Traditional Italian amaretto in every way. Made from 100% almonds.

Nonino Amaro $41.99
One of the best on the market, great for sipping after dinner or dessert to help settle the stomach. Enjoy neat or over ice.

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