Old Elk Loch & Key Single Barrel Picks

Old Elk First Single Barrel Picks in MA Chosen By Loch and K(e)Y

Based in Westborough, MA, the Loch and K(e)y society is an organization that is committed to providing customers with hand-selected, barrel-picked American whiskeys, blended scotch whiskeys, bourbons and single malt scotches of the highest quality.

We’re proud providers of the Loch and K(e)Y society’s selection of fine spirits. In 2015, we became one of the few exclusive retailers of Loch and K(e)Y selections when we opened The BackRoom and expanded our inventory to include high-end spirits.

Loch and K(e)Y has just provided our store with three very unique single barrel whiskeys from Old Elk Distillery. Each item has been hand-picked, tasted and specifically bottled for our store.

Now available for purchase in The BackRoom at Wine ConneXtion,  these are first single barrel picks in MA, chosen by highly respected Loch & K(e)y Society. All are over 5yrs old by legendary Master Distiller, Greg Metze (originally from MGP). As Master Distiller for Old Elk, he shares his passion and experience with others by leading the distilling team and practicing the fine art of producing premium distilled spirits.

Old Elk Straight Bourbon – 5yr 107.1 proof L&K “Phase 1”
51% corn | 34% malted barley | 15% rye

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon – 5yr 116.8 proof L&K “Phase 2”
51% corn | 45% wheat | 4% malted barley

Old Elk Wheat Whiskey – 6yr 116.6 proof L&K “Phase 3”
95% wheat | 5% malted barley

Located appropriately in the rear of The Wine ConneXtion, The BackRoom is an extension of the store’s welcoming yet meticulously organized atmosphere, and is staffed at all times with an expert that can answer all things fine wine and spirits.

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