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What makes The Wine ConneXtion different from mainstream wine stores is our unique approach to serving our customers. At The Wine ConneXtion, we offer customers a unique and innovative wine-purchasing experience in a no-fuss environment. Customers are encouraged to browse the large, open, cellar-style design where each wine has a descriptive narrative to educate the customer on everything from the characteristics of the wine to the best choices of foods to pair with the wine. Customers can also help themselves to one bottle or a case without having to ask the staff because all products are easily accessible. We offer “eXcellent wines at eXceptional prices,” and deliver them at some of lowest prices in the state while making sure we do not compromise on service or quality. Whatever the quantity, customers will always get the lowest prices because we go out of our way to get the best deals in the market and pass it on.

In 2015 the store launched The BackRoom at The Wine ConneXtion, expanding its retail offerings to include even higher-end, exclusive wines and spirits including bourbon, whiskey, Scotch, vodka, rum and more. Located appropriately in the rear of The Wine ConneXtion, The BackRoom is an extension of the store’s welcoming yet meticulously organized atmosphere and is always staffed with an expert that can answer all things fine wine and spirits.



The staff at the Wine ConneXtion is all about wine. They have an in-depth understanding of the inventory and are ready to serve customers because they know what is in the store at all times. The team can help you look for your old favorite or they can recommend a new favorite at various price points. Our team excels in customer service, and they are eager to recommend wines that would pair well with certain food and occasions.


Sam Messina found himself drawn to the world of wine at the age of 27 when his uncle shared with him a bottle of 1961 Beychevelle, a life-changing experience that ignited his love of wine. Sam took his passion for the industry and used that to help grow his family’s business, Messina’s Liquors, from a beer, liquor and jug wine store into a successful fine wine destination in the Merrimac Valley. As the manager of the store, Sam not only learned to further hone his skill and expertise in the wine industry, but became keenly aware of the needs and desires of his customers and found himself always shopping the market to find new and amazing wines that he knew his customers would love. 

In addition to helping customers find the perfect wines for their needs on a daily basis, Sam has helped both individual buyers and restaurants in pairing food with wine. He also has a passion for setting-up and selecting wines for personal wine cellars and has spent significant amounts of time educating consumers on wines, their attributes and the industry as a whole. 

When the Messina family business closed in 2008, Sam wanted to continue to share his experience and, especially, his love of wine. Sam is not only passionate about finding great wines, but really gets a kick out of finding a great wine for an incredible value. Imagine a $9 bottle of wine that tastes like it’s worth $25. If it’s out there, Sam can find it! 

The result of Sam’s passion is the Wine ConneXtion—which brings the concept of fine wines at low prices to Massachusetts and creates an innovative and premier shopping destination for everyday wine drinkers and collectors alike.


Like her brother Sam, Tina Messina has been in the family business for over 25 years. Her vision to transform the family-owned business, Messina’s Liquors, into a “fine wine store selling wine at discount prices” came from a visit to a California Wine retailer offering discount wines with great service and the desire to somehow bring that experience to the local marketplace back east. Tina is responsible for the Wine ConneXtion’s marketing and her understanding of the customers’ needs guide her in all of her marketing efforts. From innovative tasting ranging from food pairings and live cooking demonstrations to educational tastings, it’s all about getting the consumer to appreciate and understand what the wine industry has to offer. Tina’s industry, marketing, and retail knowledge has allowed her to develop this unique shopping environment which balances just enough customer service with self-service to reduce operating costs and pass on those savings to all types of wine consumers. Her unique idea for selling and marketing wine means that consumers still get great service, but at significant cost savings than traditional wine stores



At the Wine ConneXtion our goal is to educate our customers while introducing them to new tastes and products during our weekly Saturday wine tastings. Each tasting is themed and targeted at expanding the customer’s palate. With a focus on innovation, our tastings range from offering customers varying tastes of the same grape, food pairings, live cooking demos and welcoming the most sought-after wine representatives and local culinary talent. Come drink with us and learn from our wine experts in a fun, stress-free environment!


The Wine ConneXtion is always available and ready to recommend and suggest wines for any customer’s needs whether it be a small dinner party or a wedding reception. Our staff can assist you with the menu pairing as well as determining just how much wine you’ll need for your event to meet your budget. And if you purchased too much wine for your event, we gladly take back any returns on any unopened cases.


The Wine ConneXtion provides a “Special Wine Order” service to customers desiring wines that are not currently available in our store. You can speak with anyone in the store to place your order or you can email us at info@www.wineconnextion.com and tell us what you would like. We encourage customers to take a picture of the wine either to show or email our experts so they can research the desired wine and provide you with availability and a price. We also pride ourselves in finding “hard to find wine” and older vintage wines, so don’t be afraid to ask. All special orders are by case sales unless single stock is available.