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Right to Purchase Whiskey Lottery

From November 1st through December 31st  you will be able to enter the “Right to Purchase” lottery for these  Limited Whiskeys with any purchase of a Domestic Whiskey.

How it Works

Purchase any Domestic Whiskey to enter. Entry cards will be given based on Price.   Also, with each purchase of a ‘Loch & K(e)y Barrel Pick’,  you will receive double entry cards.   See below for distribution of entry cards.

Lottery Winners

Starting January 8th 2023.
Beginning 1/8/24 we will pull an entry for the “Right to Purchase” the item listed for that day. Item Listing is available below for viewing as to when they will be pulled. Items may be added as they come into our possession.

Lottery Procedure

Below is a calendar as to when items will be available for purchase. If your entry card is pulled on the day an item is available for purchase, you will be notified by our staff and you will be given 24 hours to claim your prize. If you do not respond, your card that was pulled will be considered unclaimed and removed from any future drawings. If you do respond and decline the item, you may ask us to re-enter your card for a chance at another item in a future drawing. Once the decline is made, or the person doesn’t respond, a new entry card will be pulled immediately for that unclaimed item and the process will be repeated until the item is claimed.

Click on the calendar for a larger image.