Wine ConneXtion: One Thing You Can Count On in These Uncertain Times

The Merrimack Valley has its fair share of wine and liquor stores. So why do so many people choose to shop at Wine ConneXtion? For starters, Wine ConneXtion is one thing you can count on in these uncertain times (we’re here for you!). Beyond that, we think we separate ourselves from the pack because of these key differences.

Our Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff. Our entire staff has an in-depth understanding of our inventory and are ready to serve you with a smile. Whether you’re shopping for wine, beer or spirits, we’ll help you look for your old favorite or recommend what’s sure to be a new favorite at various price points. Always going the extra mile, we’re also able and eager to recommend options that pair well with certain food and occasions.

Our Everyday eXcellent Prices and Six & Save Promotion. Not only will you find the lowest prices around whenever you shop at Wine ConneXtion, but we also offer a terrific Six & Save Program for even deeper discounts on wines. Just look for the 6 & Save sign in our store to find extra savings on your next wine purchase. With our 6 & Save program, customers can mix and match any of the specially marked items to get 15% off. And the savings continue: you can still save if you buy 7, 8 or more specially marked items. So, really it’s 6 (and more) to save 15%!

Our Unique Selection. At Wine ConneXtion, we favor featuring great wines, craft beers and spirits that you won’t find stocked at your local supermarket or on-the-corner package store. In fact, our customers typically end up purchasing something new or unique after discovering the unique products we carry in our store.

We’re Members of the Loch & K(e)y Society. The Loch and K(e)Y Society provides members with hand-selected barrel-picked spirits, including beautifully crafted American whiskeys, blended scotch whiskeys, bourbons, single malt scotches, cognacs and traditional spirits such as tequila and rums. Each item is hand selected, tasted and specifically bottled for our store. A tremendous amount of dedication and time is given in selecting and blending these spirits to provide the “best” tasting spirit from the lot. The results are spirits with greater taste, character and flavor.

Our Try Before You Buy Program. Whenever you stop in, you’ll find numerous wine tasting machines and one spirits tasting machine located around our store, with each machine holding four bottles of product. We give our customers a valuable, unique opportunity that isn’t offered elsewhere. In truth, it helps us deliver on our core mission of educating and empowering our customers. Most importantly, it’s a great way to explore and sample an incredible variety of wines and spirits to ensure you’re leaving with your perfect choices. Stop in to sip, sample and savor something new. Trust us, you’ll never have a bottle or wine or liquor collect dust again. Note to the public: Tasting machines are not available at this point in time, we hope to them up and running again once it’s safe to do so.

We Are Truly Local. Owners, Sam and Tina Messina, grew up right here in the Merrimack Valley and are proud to continue to service the community they call “home” through Wine ConneXtion, an innovative and premier shopping destination for everyday wine, beer and spirits drinkers and collectors alike.

And that’s not all! We offer customers extra perks that go above and beyond what you’ll find and experience anywhere else. Here are just a few additional things Wine ConneXtion customers enjoy.

Free Chilling Service. Don’t have time to chill your wine? We’ve got you covered! Our chilling machines are a great feature for customers who want their wine chilled to ideal serving temperature in a hurry. Just ask at checkout, we’re happy to help.

Concierge Service. The Wine ConneXtion provides a “Special Order” service to customers that desire wines, beers or spirits that are not currently available in our store.  You can speak with anyone in the store to place your order. We encourage customers to take a picture of the item to show our experts so they can research the desired wine and provide you with availability and a price. We also pride ourselves in finding “hard to find wine” and older vintage wines, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Large Format Wines. Every year, we set out in search for rare, large format wines produced by some of the most prestigious wineries to offer a great assortment to customers. Each large format wine is hand-bottled which makes production limited, and their availability rare. More than just a bold statement, large format bottles add a unique touch to dinner parties and make an impressive gift for both avid wine collectors and those hard-to-buy-for friends.

Curbside Pickup. Our curbside pickup service is available to customers Monday through Saturday from 10am-5pm. Simply fill out the form on our website with a complete list of what you would like to purchase. A member of our staff will check inventory and call you with your order confirmation. When you arrive, simply pull up, call us and stay in your car. A member of our staff will come out and bring you your order.

Recommendations for Events. The Wine ConneXtion is always available and ready to recommend and suggest wines for any customer’s needs whether it be a small dinner party or a wedding reception. Our staff can assist you with the menu pairing as well as determining just how much wine you’ll need for your event to meet your budget.  And if you purchased too much wine for your event, we gladly take back any returns on any unopened cases.

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